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Frequenty Asked Questions

  1. How much does registration cost? For the 2014/2015 season, registration will be $125.00. 

  2. If I missed registration night can I still register? Yes!! You can sign up at any practice, or may contact any Board member.

  3. What do I need to bring to the first night of practice? birth certificate and registration fee.

  4. How can I volunteer? Many opportunities to volunteer are available: be a team mom, assist with photography/video during matches and practices, table help (timer, score keeper, flip chart, etc.) referee, and a host of other ideas.

  5. Does my son/daughter need headgear? No, the league does not require it in order to compete. However, they are recommended to add extra protection to the ears.

  6. What type of clothing does my son/daughter need to wrestle? No tennis shoes are allowed on the mat surface. Wrestling shoes are highly recommended, along with shorts, and a tight shirt for practice. You will need to purchase a singlet for tournament competition.

  7. What factors will determine who my son/daughter will wrestle in a tournament or practice? Weight is the #1 factor. In practice, coaches will try to pair kids that are close in size and ability. In a tournament, your child will wrestle in their respective age and weight class, as well as their experience level.

  8. What are the age/weight classes?
    Division I – 6 & under: 37-40-43-46-49-52-55-60-66-Hwt
    Division II – 8 & under: 43-46-49-52-55-58-61-64-67-70-75-83-90-105-Hwt
    Division III – 10 & under: 52-55-58-61-64-67-70-73-76-80-85-90-100-110-120-131-Hwt
    Division IV – 12 & under: 64-67-70-73-76-80-84-88-92-96-100-105-110-120-130-140-160-Hwt
    Division V – 15 & under: 78-86-94-102-110-118-126-134-142-152-165-185-Hwt

  9. What are experience levels? Novice is for the wrestler who has wrestled for less than two years and has not placed 1st or 2nd in an Open division. Open is for the wrestler who has wrestled for more than two years.

  10. When are the tournaments? They are typically on a Saturday and will either be in the morning session or afternoon session. The cost to wrestle in each tournament is normally $15, some of the World of Wrestling tournaments are $35/45.  Your child does not have to attend every tournament, but the more your child wrestles, the better he/she becomes.

  11. Why is wrestling such a great sport? Not only is wrestling fun to watch, but the sport teaches athletes the importance of self control, good sportsmanship, good work/training ethic, discipline and the demonstration of good character in victory and defeat.

  12. Is good hygiene important? Wrestling is a close contact sport. Keeping nails trimmed and bathing with soap, following practices and dual meets, is strongly suggested.